This week😍

This past week has been so awesome. On Tuesday went to rider with Dustin. We hung out with Sonnita and her guy friends. Played some games and then we went to cranberries. Ryan bought me food at cranberries which is apparently a big deal haha. Then we went back to the dorms and to sleep. The next morning Dustin and I went back to Rutgers for practice. I facetimed Sonnita and Ryan asked for my number because he fucked up haha. On Thursday, Sonnita, Ryan, and Alec came up to Rutgers, we went to psg for a little and then back to the apartment with pat, Shannon, joe, and galen. It was really fun and we all just chilled. The next morning I had to wake up early to go to ohio for the OSU vs Rutgers game.
Basically on the way there pat, Christian, and I died. I slept the whole way there and sat with DJ. We got there and went to dinner with OSU’s drumline which was fun, and then we turned up at night. There was this Rutgers tuba guy who was in love with me and kept following me which freaked me out. We went to White Castle at 2:30am and I slept on the floor because I got locked out of my room.
The next morning, we went to the game. It was so cold and rainy. We lost. But it was cool being there. The ride home sucked because it took so long! And I couldn’t sleep and there was per on the whole bus.
I got home at like 6am and went to sleep.
I woke up at 11 to do my laundry and chilled until 4 to go to rider with pat. We drove there and he met spencer again and all the guys. We went to qdoba and then to Ryan’s flag football game. We left early because it was cold. Then we watched the walking dead and did homework and then hung out.
This morning Ryan went to class, sonnita came over to the guys room and we did homework until her class. Ryan and I waited for her to be done and then we went to the dining hall.
They took me to the train station and it was scary.
I had a lot of fun this past week. I’ve been talking to Ryan all week which is pretty cool. So yeah!

My shit has piss on it.

I’m so pissed.

I just want to see you again.

He’s perff