I hope not. I know I pushed this. Only because I wanted to see what would happen. I wish I didn’t. Yes, I’ll admit, it was kind of awkward when she kept looking back and staring at me. And even more awkward when she stared at me RIGHT after you texted her, doing a “yeah, he just texted me” face. Thats nice bro, you wanna cookie or something? Sucks, Cause I’m not giving you one.
But it was so weird how she kept looking at her phone then to me then to her phone every two seconds! I’m not even kidding.
I didn’t really know why my heart was beating to much, and why my hands were shaking, Then it crossed my mind, I don’t trust her. I trust you SO much, her, not one bit. I guess it just makes me so scared that you would cheat on me some how. I know, you say what you say. But that doesn’t stop other people from doing that.
But what crossed the line was the “miss youuuuu” it kind of makes me think like, miss you? Miss what? I didn’t think you two had something before. Not like it’s my place, but I feel like I say more about my past than you. But you do always say “what’s done is done”. But we all know it will always come back to bite you in the butt.

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  • Posted: 03 May 2012


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