I cried

Right there, in your arms. Not because I was upset with you but because of what you said. Not in a bad way. Just because you said what I wanted to hear, that I would hope its true. But you still don’t know that I cried. Because I don’t want you to question me, cause honestly, I don’t have an answer to it. You’re right, I didn’t want this school year to end. All I’ve though about was how you’re going to be so far from me so soon. Even though you said it won’t feel like a long time, we both know it is. “2 months, and I’ll be back for a week, then another month away, and I’ll be right back here. Nothing’s going to change, my love for you be remain infinite. I promise” Somehow I can’t believe you. I know we’re supposed to make the best of it, but how? You’re going to be off at college soon and I’ll be stuck here in new jersey. Right now I don’t want to go to LA, and do band. Just do I can have a little more time.. Today’s our last day till I leave, and I’m being miserable, I can’t help it.

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  • Posted: 16 June 2012


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